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Preston Hollow South is a community of condominiums, apartments, and townhouses on the northeast corner of Preston Road and Northwest Highway in Dallas, Texas.

The PHSNA was created in 2008 for the purpose of promoting and protecting the interests of the neighborhood.

Wall Section along NWH.jpg

The PHSNA is partially bordered by a unique wall built in 1954 by developer Hal Anderson. Hal set the tone for the construction of these properties by using an ancient wall style jazzed up by a brick color that was popular during the mid-century modern era of the 1950’s and 60’s. This serpentine design with locally manufactured pink brick is a one of a kind in the City of Dallas. Known to many Dallasites as the neighborhood Behind the Pink Wall, this phrase is attributed to Ebby Halliday who played an important role in the success of making this area a very desirable place to call home. She herself resided for a time in one of the original garden apartments Behind the Pink Wall.

The architectural design of a curved brick wall is attributed to the Egyptians but is commonly seen in the English countryside and referred to as crinkle crankle walls.  This type of curved construction provides stability without the use of buttresses and requires less material.  This wall offers aesthetics that provide for an elegant and beautiful wall which has come to signify a culturally significant landmark for the Preston Hollow Neighborhood.

Many of the Pink Wall neighborhood properties that were developed behind the wall are still standing and are still some of the more affordable spacious condominium communities in Dallas.

Some of the properties that were original to the neighborhood that you can see today are the Seville, Royal Arms, Diamond Head, Imperial House (designed by architect George Dahl), the Jaguar, Preston Tower, The Athena, and others. Take a drive through our lovely neighborhood and enjoy the abundance of trees, green spaces, and mid-century modern construction. Just look for the curvy pink wall along Northwest Highway between Edgemere and Preston.

Wall from Pickwick to Laurel Apts rev_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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