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Board of Directors

The PHSNA is governed by a board of at least 3 and up to 9 directors elected by the members present a the annual meeting of the association. Each board member serves a two-year term. Officers are selected by the board from among the directors.

The fiscal year ends September 30 and the annual meeting is held in October for the purpose of electing directors and transacting such other business. All residents of our community are welcome to attend. The board meets at least four times per year.


President: Carla Percival Young (2024-25)

Vice President: Nick Olenec (2024-25)

Secretary and Treasurer: Cathy Brandt (2024-25)

City Liaison: Kevin Griffeth (2024-25)

Grover Wilkins (2024-25) 

Tatiana Frierson (2024)

Ashley Schneider (2024-25)

Roseann Walton (2024-25)

Past Presidents:

  • Keith Burtner

  • Lee Shuey

  • Bob Spurlock

  • John Pritchett

  • Steve Dawson

To view minutes from the PHSNA board meetings,

click here.



Residents of the PHSNA are represented by the following individuals:

United States

Senate: Ted Cruz

Senate: John Cornyn

House: Colin Allred, 32nd Congressional District 

State of Texas

Senate: Nathan Johnson, 16th District

House: Morgan Meyer, 108th Legislative District


Dallas County

Commissioners Court: J.J. Koch, Precinct 2

City of Dallas

Council Member: Gay Willis, District 13

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