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Last updated
December 9, 2018

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DPD Expanded Neighborhood Patrol
Expanded Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) is a program authorized by the Dallas Police Department (DPD) in which neighborhood organizations, like Preston Hollow South Neighborhood Association (PHSNA), compensate armed, uniformed off-duty police officers to patrol their area.
ENP is the most expensive crime prevention program and requires a great deal of time and effort to operate on a continuing basis. The PHSNA ENP is provided in conjunction with Preston Hollow East Homeowners Association (PHEHA) who hires the officers. PHSNA reimburses PHEHA each quarter for our proportionate cost of the program.
DPD officers who participate in our neighborhood’s ENP are a small group of dedicated officers. They are experts in our neighborhood and our area’s crime trends. During the ENP hours, a uniformed Dallas Police Department officer patrols our neighborhood in a marked Dallas Police Department car. The officer will immediately respond to any 9-1-1 calls originating in Preston Hollow South and Preston Hollow East, and will not leave our neighborhoods to respond to other calls. The objective is to maximize patrol hours, increase police presence, shorten response times, and decrease crime in our neighborhood.
Police Patrol Signs
Association members of PHSNA may place 9” x 12” Preston Hollow Crime Watch warning signs on their properties.

The PHSNA board has approved the purchase of one sign for each property in the association. For any association that wishes more than one sign, they are available for $40 each. 
Of course, a police patrol and warning signs are no guarantee of a crime-free neighborhood so continue to follow sensible safety precautions.

Reducing Crime is Everyone's Business!

Be Proactive!
Be Smart !
Don’t leave anything in your vehicle a thief can steal!

Privately Funded Patrols
This graphic from The Dallas Morning News in October 2015 depicts the number of private police patrols in each district, and reported that neighborhood leaders believe they "dramatically cut crime." 

Some neighborhoods pay $200-$350 per residence, many times the per residence dues of PHSNA — most of which goes to pay for the patrol.

We are very pleased that the membership of PHSNA recognizes the importance of participating in this important initiative.